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Gates in all shapes and sizes are available in either hardwood or softwood.

Made to measure only from timber sourced from sustainable woodland, our range of gates are suitable for both residential, commercial or agricultural use.


We also stock a wide range of fittings and accessories that can be used to hang and finish driveway and entrance eates. Fittings are either galvanised, for longer life and rust resistance, or in black painted metal.

For further information on the complete range of furniture, please phone us on 01373 836375 or email sales@valleysawmills.co.uk for a full price list and catalogue.

Customer Information.

When purchasing softwood gates, we highly recommend treating gates before hanging. Use three coats of SOLVENT based treatment on all faces, edges and especially the end grain. Never use water based treatments as this can draw in moisture rather than repel it. If the gates are to be painted, use a clear wood preserver as a base coat. If the gates are to be stained, we recommend a product called Cromar Creotreat, which is a creosote substitute.

Taking care of your gates takes time and must be undertaken at regular intervals. Please be aware that wood is a natural material and will move regardless of whether it is treated or not. All wood is affected by the weather be it cold, hot or wet conditions.

Once you purchase your gates, the onus is on you, the customer, to care and protect the product for outside conditions. Valley Sawmills cannot be held responsible for damage caused by absorption of moisture due to inadequate treatment.