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The sun has been out and the rush to get out into the garden seems to have started judging by the interest in sleepers, sheds, fencing and garden furniture.

As a word of warning, the time to start getting all your timber items for the garden is NOW!

Prices across a whole range of products are rising due to the shortage of timber throughout the UK and, like every other provider, we are seeing wholesale increases ……………so hurry whilst our current stocks last – which, by the way, we have plenty of!
Softwood Sleepers for professional landscapers and domestic gardeners have proved popular over the past month, these 2.4mm x 200mm x 100mm treated sleepers are perfect for raised beds and general garden landscaping and for those of you wanting another option we now have a good supply of 2.4mm x 1.5mm x 100mm sleepers which are ideal for smaller projects and gardens. Both sizes are still priced well and represent great value - Hurry whilst stocks last!

Visitors to Holwell will see some changes over the coming weeks to our showroom where, after being there for several years, the BBQ Hut has been sold and we are now revamping the space to cater for a larger and greater selection of hardwoods – this addition to our range of products has again proved really popular lately and we will be adding to our list of species with some unusual and hard to come by varieties.

Current specialist Hardwoods now on display already include a wide range of wood types including seasoned Oak, Ash, Cedar and Walnut.

 A must for all you cabinet makers, craftspeople furniture makers and carpenters!


Timber Cladding

Our range of timber cladding continues to prove popular and again we are offering some very keen prices compared to many of our competitors – call us for a quote and advice on all your cladding requirements………………

We can provide machined cladding profiles. The stock size 125mm x 20mm but can be custom machined down to 100mm x 20mm.

Timber species for these would be Oak, British WRC, Canadian WRC, UK and Siberian Larch. Priced per metre on application.

We still have good stocks of both seasoned and kiln dried logs available



Our air dried seasoned logs are still available at, can you believe, the 2014 prices so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity! All you have to do is visit the log page on this website or give us a call or email with your order. Bulk bags of logs are available from as little as £65 collected or £75 delivered locally. Larger loads, approx 3½ bags can be delivered by transit lorry from as little as £225.

Our range of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs are one of most competitively priced available anywhere! Dried to less than 20% moisture content they create the most intense flame but still offer an economical high yield high energy output even during the cold and wet winter months.

Bulk bagged Kiln Dried logs are available at £100 collected or £110 delivered locally. We are also able to supply a full stacked crate, (approx 2 bulk bags) for £185 delivered - It’s also worth noting that these crates make superb log stores! Netted bags of logs are also available at only £7 per bag - these proved very popular last year, a good sized bag full of ready to use logs!

To order, either call on: 01373 836375 or email us at:
Deliveries are usually within a day or two and are often delivered the same day as your order.

For more information either call on: 01373 836375 or email us at: - or better still come and see us at our Holwell site!

Here at Valley Sawmills we are constantly on the look-out for new innovative products that can enhance your garden, making it a safer and a more attractive place to spend time in. Our range of timber decking has always been a popular line with our customer base as we only use top grade timber that will last for years and provide an attractive and safe area to sit and enjoy your garden space.

However once laid all decking can become somewhat similar in appearance and with the cold and wet winters can become unsightly, so we’ve been looking at how other more exotic timbers can add value and longevity to outdoor decking and have come up with two fantastic woods that will not only look good but last a lifetime!

Firstly, Cumaru – a very similar timber to the very expensive Ipe - is a dense heavy exotic timber from South America. It is sometimes called Brazilian Teak and is one of the hardest timbers in the world. It is harder than Ebony and Ironwood and more than twice the hardness of White Oak. It is also very durable and resistant to decay with an expected life span of at least 50 years or more.

Cumaru decking - £8.45 per metre

Secondly, Yellow Balau is a hard dense and moderately course hardwood from South East Asia and is one of the most common hardwoods used for decking in the UK. Colour can vary from light brown to golden colour and it has good resistance to decay and insect attack. Whilst not an unusual timber we now have access to stocks of well coloured Yellow Balau in a range of sizes.

Yellow Balau decking - £6.45per metre


As always we have a great selection of Oak and softwood sleepers, air dried English hardwoods boards, fencing, gates and panels as well as our full range of furniture, sheds and garden timber items

May is also the perfect time to replace any broken or rotten sections of fencing before the warmer weather hopefully arrives. We have a great selection to choose from - including our new range of quality panels and fencing and some great discounts on some Jagram products............. we also have a great selection of containers and planters, pergolas and a wide range of timber structures for the garden!

For those of you with timber garden furniture and structures in your garden, as well as gates, fencing and panels – its good idea to give them a spirit based treatment to protect them. We stock a wide range of brand leading products including all the accessories needed for effective application, as well as a range of fixings for gates and sheds should they need replacing.


Finally, simply email or telephone us for details and prices on anything from sawn and pressure treated timber, garden materials and a wide range of accessories including even nails, screws and the tools to make use with them!

Call us on: 01373 836375 or email us at:
- or better still come and see us at our Holwell site!