Large Variety of Air Dried English Hardwoods Now Available.


All our timber is on show and individually priced with the species clearly identified. This means in our Self Selection Centre you can do just that, self-select the timber that you want. Browsing through the planking you can match the timber to your specifications and compare the characteristics of each piece. Timber can be planed to order and individually priced so you know exactly what you will be paying for and know you are getting what you want and you don’t need an appointment - you can spend as long as you like looking through our stock and then we’ll plane and cut to order.

We have a skilled team here at Valley Sawmills who are only too willing to help select timber for a wide range of projects - and are regularly supplying timber to a number of local carpenters, builders, cabinetmakers and craftspeople - why not pay us a visit and see for yourselves!

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As one of the largest suppliers of sawn and pressure treated timber in Somerset and the surrounding counties we pride ourselves in offering a friendly and honest service to both consumers and trade customers and through our close association with Mendip Forestry Ltd, one of the country’s leading timber harvesting companies, we can ensure that all year round supplies are maintained.

We can supply:

  • Sawn and pressure treated timber
  • Oak and Douglas Fir beams, sawn to any size required.
  • Green oak for garden and landscaping projects.
  • Cladding, including oak, cedar and treated softwood.
  • Sheet material such as plywood and sterling board.

Volume discounts available.

If you cannot see what you require here, please email ( or phone us on 01373 836375 for a speedy response!


A Guide to Buying Oak

There are several species of oak available, the most common in the UK being Quercus Robur,otherwise known as English or European Oak. This species of Oak has been rated as having verygood resistance to decay. However, caution should be taken not to confuse it with Quercus Rubra, or Red Oak which is rated as non durable to perishable with poor insect resistance.

For applications such as Oak Sleepers used for garden landscaping, European Oak is the preferred choice with a predicted lifespan in excess of 20 years. Inferior Red Oaks however, will most likely rot within 5 years.

Species to look out for

Species Name Durability Group
Quercus Robur English/French Oak Very Good White
Quercus Rubra American Red Oak Poor Red
Quercus Cerris Turkey Oak Low to Moderate Falls between White and Red


Always ask the vendor the species of oak they offer and select the best type for the job. In general,the white oak group is fine to use outside and the red group being internal only.



Timber Cladding

Timber species for these would be Oak, Chestnut, British WRC, Canadian WRC and Siberian Larch. Priced per metre on application.

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Please note that orders for cladding can sometimes take up to 2 weeks for delivery.